MPD Glass & Vinyl Graphics

There are many different services and unique products that we offer.
Everything from simple glass and mirror cutting, to breathtaking works of art.

We have incorporated designs into many different types of work ranging from simple cabinet doors, tempered glass railings, exterior & interior doors and windows, dividers,
signage, & the list goes on.

Be sure to take your time and look through our galleries & collections sections to see some of the work we have done as well as our catalogues of designs we utilize. You will discover the many possibilities. We have also recently become a local distributor for Think Glass thermoformed glass.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or better yet, come down to our showroom & pay us a visit.


MPD Glass & Vinyl Graphics

450 Deschambault Street
Winnipeg, MB. R2H 0K1

Phone: 204-237-7011
Fax: 204-237-4212